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Practically – Let’s Bring Learning Alive!
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June 16, 2021
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Practically – Let’s Bring Learning Alive!

Practically is one of the best learning app for students of class 6th to 12th. It is the only self-learning app that enables STEM learning through immersive videos, interactive augmented reality, and 3D simulations. Practically app is the one-stop solution for all your learning needs.

This intelligent, interactive, and immersive learning app revolutionizes the way students can learn, understand and apply scientific & mathematical concepts. The hands-on learning app bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application with:

👨‍🏫 Life-like video content
🏫 Experiential learning
🧠 Augmented reality learning
🗣 Interactive learning
👨‍💻 Live classes online
📟 Coding classes for children
🤳 AI-assisted learning
💁‍♀️ Study plan
📱 Scan anything

The dynamic video learning app offers an edge over other learning apps by enhancing conceptual understanding and increasing the retention rate to more than 90% in less than 1/4th of the time spent in conventional learning methods. It caters to a universal curriculum and prepares the students for competitive examinations like NEET, JEE, Olympiads, NTSE, etc.

All that you can do on the Practically app:

👁️ Visualize Concepts – Visualize lessons and understand math & science concepts through 3000+ 3D videos. The 5 mins long 3D videos are mainly designed to enhance your concentration and make learning interactive & engaging.

🧠 Interact Through Simulations – 1000+ lifelike simulations in Practically are developed to help you explore and deepen your conceptual understanding.

🧩 Learn By Doing– 1000+ Augmented Reality (AR) modules, in Practically, offer out-of-book experiences. Experience applied learning from the comfort of your home.

📃 Prepare For Exams– In-video questions, chapters, and subject level questions are customized to your requirement and planned to help you practice & test your understanding of concepts.

🖥️ Access To Live Classes – Get instant answers to your questions, participate in discussions on papers, and prepare for exams with Practically Live; live classes with subject experts.

Learn To Code Online – Learn how to code from scratch with Coding++ online classes.

❓ Resolve Your Doubts – 24X7 Seek Help feature enables you to reach out to subject experts on the platform to resolve your doubts. Also, you can get answers to all your questions from Proton! Your 24/7 AI study buddy.

🏁 Challenge Fellow Students – Challenge and compete with anyone from the general pool of students and test your problem-solving skills and conceptual knowledge.

💁‍♀️ Study Plan – Plan your studies on a regular basis and stay organized by tracking your performance. Improve your learning and save your time by setting a due date to complete each chapter!

📱 Scan Anything – Scan any picture or text from your book and get related 3D models, simulations and immersive videos with a bat of an eye. Get access to precise explanations anytime by simply clicking the picture of the question from your book.

👑 Win Points– Win eXperiential Points (XPs) with your actions on the application. Use XPs to get instant discounts or extra minutes.

The self-learning app also allows you to prepare reports, polls, and assign homework along with enjoying the perks of hands-on learning.

3,30,000+ students have already benefited from the engaging content available on Practically. Over 200 schools across India and the Middle East are using Practically to facilitate online classes during the pandemic. And this number is growing exponentially.

Recently, Practically was titled as TiE50 Award Winner at TiEcon 2021. It was awarded as the EdTech Startup of the Year at Startup Awards 2021 by Franchise India & Entrepreneur India magazine. Practically was also adjudged the Most Innovative STEM Solution by Elets Digital Learning magazine at the World Education Summit 2021.

Download the app and Bring Learning Alive Practically!



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