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Lite For WhatsApp
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October 28, 2019
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Lite For WhatsApp

Lite for whatsapp to open in whatsapp all chats with number phone,use whatsapp lite app to send message by number phone to friends and familly with on click to chat.

Lite for whatsapp is best messenger app for whatsapp messenger to send your message fast with lite chat tool for android,by using your phone network 3G/4G/5G/edge/WIFI you can open chat with any number phone without save on your dial phone.

– This is top messenger for whatsapp with number send tool to send and open in whatsapp with number phone or whatsapp contacts
Lite for whatsapp apps have a lot of chat useful feature for new whatsapp with new interface,so with lite for whatsapp you can open chat in whatsapp with click,you can write the number phone and open chat to start your chat on whatsapp in one time,you can send your message chat by number phone to whatsapp directly,you can save all the whatsapp contact on a list of contact to contact them in after time,so,all this feature of Lite for whatsapp we can explicated soon. So by using this lite app for whatsapp you find all this feature in one application,this app is tool lite app for whatsapp messenger or open for whatsapp business.

Whats is (Lite for whatsapp) ? :
– Lite for whatsapp is a lite app for whatsapp not devloped by whatsapp inc but is just a tool to send your message and your chat quickly to friends .
– Lite for Whatsapp is an open for whatsapp with lot of features .
– Lite open for whatsapp it’s very useful because use an api offred by whatsapp to open your chat in whatsapp or send your message by number to any number phone use whatsapp app.
– Lite for whatsapp 2 tool’s ,open chat by number phone and send message by number phone to any contact,so this 2 whatsapp tool is very important for people who have a business job or marketing and commercial stuff.
– all utisateurs of play store can use lite for whatsapp with any permission and without limit.
– Lite open for whatsapp is free all time using whatsapp web api chat.
– it’s secure to send your message without hacking or spy ,safe all time ,personalized,free.
– This lite app is just for android app and not for ios.
– By using lite for whatsapp all contact who you send them a message,this messages saved in a list to contact them in other time.
– you don’t need to lock whatsapp with this app just put your msg and send it.
– Use lite for whatsapp latest version.and open all Your phone number

How use lite for whatsapp(open chat ,send message by number,lite tool) :

– To stay connected with your family,friends,client,girlfriend,boyfriends,you need a tool who use to enjoy your time,this tool it’s very useful and you can use it all time without any problem,so the lite tools in this lite tool is:
– when you installed Lite for whatsapp you find 4 button,the first is(open whatsapp by number phone) you can open chat by number to any contact use whatsapp,so you can find the place who you can write the number phone who you want open it whatsapp,after write the number you will be write this number phone with zip country or country code to open it correctly in whatsapp like this (Zip country code + number phone using whatsapp) it’s easy to do it.

– The second button(send message to whatsapp GB with number phone) when you meeting a friends in fast situation you have just the number phone so,by using lite app for whatsapp you can just the number phone to open chat fastly without save it in your phone contact list,this is the best tool but the more best lite tool you can send message to this number using whatsapp in same time so when you open this activity in Lite for whatsapp app you find tow button the first where you write the number phone with zip code country in the bottom you find the place

– This app is a tool for whatsapp,and not afilliated with Whatsapp or business inc ,but when you send your message you will be open and use whatsapp directly.


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