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Finally, Elegant Teleprompter Pro has been released, same high quality as the free version with extra features and no ads.
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Ayman Elakwah
May 11, 2020
4.0.3 and up
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What's new

Added two more actions to the remote: jump to next / previous paragraph
More options for line spacing
You can now select mirror flip to be vertical or horizontal


Finally, Elegant Teleprompter Pro has been released, same high quality as the free version with extra features and no ads.

Elegant Teleprompter helps you speak fluently in front of cameras by presenting a scrolling text that can be created from mobile or imported from the drive.

You can control the scrolling speed of the text, font size, width and focus using Bluetooth remote where you can map keys to functions.

You can also use Elegant Teleprompter in a “Floating Window”, which means you can use it simultaneously with any other app on your device. For example, you can use it alongside with camera application to record videos.

You can also read the scrolling script while streaming a live video on Facebook, Instagram, etc. The floating window is very flexible. It can be moved or resized. Furthermore, the opacity of the background and text can be adjusted.

Extra Features:

– Change text and background colors.

– Adjust the opacity of text and background of the floating window.

– Quick Settings: Easy way to change settings and see the results immediately, you can pinch to change font size, swipe on the left or right part of the screen to change width and focus.

– Easy Import Feature (Not supported on Android 10): Once you enable this feature, whenever you copy a text, a bubble will appear on the screen. Clicking on that bubble will paste the text inside the application.

– No ads are included.


– Mirror text so you can use it with physical teleprompters.
– Import text from storage or drive.
– Support Bluetooth remote.
– Change scrolling speed.
– Change text size.
– Change line spacing.
– Change the width of the scrolling script.
– Focus on the center of the script (make it more bright).
– You can assign shortcut keys to perform certain actions.
– Progress bar is added to view or change your position in text.
– You can set Elegant Teleprompter to be the default application for .txt or .docx files.
– Sort scripts by date or name.
– “Specific Settings” is added where each script can have its own settings (speed, line spacing, text size, focus and width). This option is very helpful for musicians and singers.
– “Loop” option is added where the script starts again after reaching the end.

– “Center Text” option is added to center text horizontally.
– “Tap to Play/Pause” option is added.
– Allow multiple script selection to delete.

Supported file types: .txt and .docx

Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or problems.



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